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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 6, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PST

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a family watches in terror as a run away truck heads down a mountain road. >> and the drivers jump out. >> no way. >> what happens when a brave dad tries to stop disaster. >> you do not want to find this behind the fridge. it's a python. >> see who finally coaxed out the surprise. >> a driver at a dui hangs something on his car so his window doesn't have to come
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down. >> a guy buddies dared him to. >> not stupid at all. >> you've got to get on the seat. >> this doesn't last long. a video recently surfaced out of pakistan which is a 2 1/2 minute action movie flash family drama. this is why i love doing this show. you can hear people are a little excited. they see the truck. it quickly bangs into the side of this motorway. the brakes have failed on this truck and the drivers jump out. >> no way. >> this truck is now out of control heading down a hill on a highway in pakistan driverless. >> this is when the father thinks that this is getting silly. >> i need to stop that truck.
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>> no. >> the boy is like no this is an out-of-control truck. someone is going to get killed. >> no. he jumps in it. this is where the drama comes because a family are terrified. his son is shooting right now, jumps out of the car. this is where it starts with me because i'm a dad. >> papa! papa! >> oh my god. >> he is watching his father roll away in an out-of-control truck. after over a mile he brought it to a halt. everybody is safe. no one was hurt. you can see a photo of him here posted to facebook. the comment is "my husband, my hero." >> it takes a big-hearted person
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to take their paid holiday to go on thin ice and rescue a deer. that's what these two people did. this is new year's day in charlotte, michigan. there is a young deer stuck in the ice. they take out a boat and go to rescue it. once they get their hands on her, she wasn't exactly going quietly. she's in pain. she seemed to be partially submerged. she is a little bloody on the neck area. once they get to shore you can see where the deer has been hurt. >> she's bleeding. >> once they get her out of the boat she doesn't immediately get up. this is when it turns into what looks like people petting a family dog. >> get her out of the wet sand there. get her off to the dry land. throw a blanket on her. >> they do move her from this area. somebody puts the assistant chief's jacket on her. they got a heater and warmed
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this girl up. not the only amazing rescue because where would we be without my friend simon cowell from the animal life foundation in england. he's been called to a snake rescue. >> snake in a fridge? why would it go to the refrigerator? >> it's a python not exactly little. they've got the head in the bag. >> he is caught there. >> the snake is taken out of there and nobody claimed the snake so it now lives in a local reptile. >> it should not be living in someone's garage in the uk. >> dui checkpoint. >> the guy is jeff gray. he says there is a dui checkpoint down here in florida on highway 19. >> i'm going to show you what i'm going to do tonight.
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>> he has a creative plan about going through that dui checkpoint. >> you seehe got this wire from a website called fair it hanging in his freezer bag, his registration and his driver's license. >> i will not have to open up my window. >> this is an experiment. >> well this is something he believes can keep him from being blamed for being intoxicated or having his car searched with no real reason. according to this was created by a guy cited for dui and later a jury found him not guilty. he has several cameras rolling. this is a joint dui checkpoint from levity county sheriff's office and florida highway patrol. he gets stopped.
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they are looking really closely at the documents. what do you think is going to happen? >> i think in today's age where everyone has a camera on the cops. >> they are going to shoot him. >> they waved him right through. this is on the honor your oath youtube channel. now has well over 1 million views. if you go to, you can print out different fliers from different states that the website says are within the laws of those particular states. >> once they wave you through they take one of those 15 deputies put him in a car and have him follow you. is your car weaving? >> aren't you going to assume or have the auspicious that person
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was drinking? >> here is probable cause if you've got that plastic baggy on your seat and it takes you five tries to pick it up that's probable cause. >> i can't read this but you might be able to. bunch of firefighters and other rescuers concerned in this building. they have a sledgehammer and chipping away at this wall. what could though be after? >> a cat. >> a kid? >> no. they get deeper inside this wall. brick by brick they start peeling away the interior wall of this building. that's aunt lee stuck in there. she was on the 7th floor roof drying fish when she slipped between the buildings down to the third floor with stuff. this is between two buildings aunt lee fell. no reports how long she was
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stuck between those two buildings, but she was stuck in there like this with her arms above her head. >> could she stand up? >> doesn't look like she had many injuries. with you they put her on to the stretcher, her arms are still above her head. >> rescuers doing their job. this is down in australia. brushfire sweeping through parts of the country. it's the dead of summer hot and dry. staying on their truck driving into the interior of this fire. extinguishing hot spots once they go. once they arrive, check out what they are dealing with. they are trying to protect this home from the advancing fires. they had to bring in a separate water tank. they don't have fire hydrants. they have to use their water wisely. the stuff in the gutters caught fire. they are up there spraying down.
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every time they turn around there is another hot spot popping up. doing their best to protect the building and exterior out buildings, sheds, the barn. this is hot, nasty work for them. >> the winds are working against them. they extinguish all the hot spots. they were able to save this structure. so far 26 homes have been burned. they expect that number to rise. a drone goes up. >> reveals all those surfaces. >> the amazing shots when they take on the swells. >> and he helped out in 2014 because he said he would. his whole thing was, i promise to volunteer at a different nonprofit organization every week of the year. >> meet the guy who kept his word and made a difference. >> it's not about how i feel it's about what i wanto see happen. dodo y youou w wanant t a a hehealalththier
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in california they get these huge swells. waves from 25 to 80 feet. they get that drone down and get some really cool footage. >> i am so blown away by the skill it takes to surf these waves. all these people are out there trying to take a bite out of these waves and they're doing it. >> these two guys are going to drop in. the guy on the right will shift. watch the guy on the left. there he is. right there and bang!
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i can't guess what it feels like to have a wave 30 foot high land on your head. >> it's the thrill of it all. they are looking for that perfect wave. if you've got to get battered around you do it. >> before you could only get these shots with a helicopter but they couldn't get that close. now they get close and up personal. i'm sure we'll see many of these videos in years to come. >> it's hard to believe it but it is 2015. the new year is all about resolutions. all about making promises and keeping them. there is nobody on this planet i think better at doing that than alex sheen. he created the because i said i would nonprofit organization in honor of his father. >> as i was writing his eulogy i tried to reflect on my father's life and the lessons he taught me. he taught us be true to our word keep our promises.
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i started because i said i would. >> back in 2013 he would learn a new skill or do random tasks, 52 weeks of the year. he put them on these because i said i would promise cards. and started mailing those out to people so they could then make promises for themselves. they have already sent out 2.3 million promise cards in 138 countries. in 2014 his whole thing was, i promise to volunteer at a different nonprofit organization every week of the year. he went across the entire united states. all along the way inspiring other people to make promises and keep their word. >> i'm sure there was some small town when he showed up santa came early. >> because i would to be a social movement dedicated to bettering humanity through promises made and promises kept. we have alex sheen via skype to
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tell us about 2014 and hopefully what's in store for 2015. welcome back to the show alex! this is a remarkable thing you completed. is there something that moved you in ways you couldn't have imagined? >> i'm a sucker for dogs. going to three different animal shelters in three different cities was an awesome opportunity to not only help the animals, but i get something out of it too. >> i imagine you think about all the people you inspired. 2.3 million cards. your message has gone way beyond just what you i said i would. >> yeah. sometimes i sit at home or i'm on my way to volunteer or speak at an event. it blows my mind people take the message to heart and i appreciate that. this was exciting in the beginning, but then it starts to fade. it's our character that keeps us through the game. it's not about how i feel but what i want to see happen. >> what would your dad say?
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>> i think he would be proud. it's not about looking in the past as really what we can be in the future. i find a place for you that fits your need and desire for others. when you find that place, stick with it. after volunteering at 52 nonprofit organizations, i can tell you the world is in your reach. drones got a pretty beach shot then down down down. >> crashing into somebody's balcony. >> next "right this minute." >> still to come -- dude taking the snowmobile for a spin. he disappears. >> the adorable way this ring bearer steals the show.
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winter is not that old yet. some people are longing for summer and some people love winter sports. that includes this guy in finland. even though it is minus 25 degrees. oes's get he's getting on a know snowmobile. you can see it's beautiful. you can see what look like caribou running away. after he goats a little bit of nature nature he sees a path cut in snow. >> you're supposed to take the road less traveled. >> this is carved out. he is less likely to crash into a tree. >> looks like he is on a "star wars" machine. >> he's got a lot of power. >> he could likely hit a tree. >> or a deer. >> he doesn't run into anything
9:21 am
except a lot of beauty and a lot of snow. that guy had no problems while out on the snowmobile. watch the guy here up ahead. that's the guy with the gopro. he is looking at his friends and he's gone. >> luckily when he gets to his friends, they're laughing. >> when it comes to your big day, some brides choose not to have children as part of their service. sometimes they think it might steal the attention from the bride or something could go horribly wrong. >> or you could end up with a beautiful viral video. this from outkaiser film. you have two adorable flower girls and ring bearer. this is at a gorgeous location in roanoke, indiana. the ring bearer is concerned about the fact she just hasn't
9:22 am
reached into her basket to drop any petals. >> watch what he does. stopped her mid aisle, reaches into that basket and now he is a flower girl or flower boy. he's pulling double duty. >> she is like dude what are you doing? >> the look on her face like i feel like i'm supposed to be doing something. >> after he puts the flower petals on the ground she realizes. she starts staring at that basket hard. oh yes. that's what i'm supposed to do. >> this guy decides to take on a dare. >> you got to get on it and pedal the pedal. >> oh no. >> this is ridiculous. >> why his bike ride ends with a bang. whwhenen t thehe f flulu h hitits,s, it's's a a r reaealllly y bibig g dedealal.. ththe e acachehes.s. ththe e chchilillsls.. ththe e fefevever.r. anan e eveven n bibiggggerer d deaeal?l? evevererytythihingng y youou mimissss o outut on...
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well. >> i'd want that. >> some say there is a mathematical formula if you take
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the average iq of a bunch of guys and divided it by the number of guys that's the iq you're left with, you add alcohol and you end up with a video like this. this is from new york. a guy is outside a bike shop. his buddies decided to dare him to do something really clever and not stupid. >> you've got to get on it and pedal the pedal. >> this is ridiculous. >> it's for a good reason. >> i will buy you a shot if your [ bleep ] gets on that seat. >> there you have it. he quite clearly needs more alcohol. >> this is like a darwin moment. if he gets up there and dies, darwin was right. >> he got up in front of the window. >> you're halfway there. >> grab hold of the wheel. this is where i was sure it would all go wrong. >> he is holding on. this is question the guy that threw the initial challenge
9:27 am
starts to realize what he's done. >> he's going to crack his head. >> why did you suggest he get up there? >> he wanted to see whether he would do it. >> dude he is going to get his shot. remember if you want to get that shot you've got to get your butt in the seat. that may have been the straw that breaks the camel's back. >> is he alive? >> he's okay. he broke his wrist, broke his elbows apparently. there are reports saying also the guy that owns the rv shop knows who it is. he is not revealing his identity. he is embarrassed. he says he is a good kid but he made a mistake. >> did he get the shot? >> probably going to need some pain relief. >> probably got a shot of
9:28 am
morphine. >> that's our show everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next "right thi
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they are trying to escape with home fireworks display. why some are more successful
9:30 am
than others. >> new angry hippos go at it. >> is it mouth on mouth? >> who wins the battle of the big molars. a travel video to make you say -- i want to go with him. >> meet the guys sharing spectacular scenes from the road. >> amazing how the world works. >> and while a scared girlfriend is going up skydiving. >> something was going on the ground. >> the story behind one sneaky proposal. >> you almost died? how about marry me?


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